Mind-Blowing Albums

Today’s episode is breaking down mind-blowing albums. These days, you can listen to any song you want whenever you want, as long as you have WiFi. The downside to this is we now tend to think of individual songs and playlists instead of albums. Today’s listeners overlook the way albums were meant to be enjoyed as they originally were, where the album is less a collection of songs but more an overall experience for the listener.

From Hounds of Love by Kate Bush to True Sadness by Avett Brothers, our panelists cover their favorite albums that blew their mind. On this episode, you’ll hear the opinions of co-stars and Shrink Tank contributors Dr. Craig Pohlman, and Dr. Kristin Daley.

Blew My Mind is where Shrink Tank contributors discuss their personal experiences with pop culture. Their last podcast can be found here.

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