Mind-Blowing Musicals

How many minutes are in a year?

If you can answer this question with little-to-no hesitation, then you just might be a musical fanatic. Join the club!

Musicals are one of the most well-loved art forms across many cultures. The psychological power of music, singing and acting on an individual performing as well as being in an audience is truly remarkable. On this week’s episode of the Blew My Mind Podcast, we’re talking all about our favorite mind-blowing musicals. On this episode, you’ll hear the opinions of co-stars and Shrink Tank contributors Dr. Craig Pohlman, Dr. Kristin Daley and Elise Howell, LPCA.

Listen in as they discuss their all-time favorite musicals, along with their favorite scenes and songs from these shows.

Blew My Mind is where Shrink Tank contributors discuss their personal experiences with pop culture. Their last podcast can be found here.

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