‘Waitress’ is a Movie/Musical Sensation

Today’s episode is focused on the hit movie and now Broadway show, Waitress.

The movie/musical sensation Waitress follows the main character Jenna, a diner waitress, uses her creative pie-making skills to cope with an unplanned pregnancy. Both the movie and the musical are rich with psychological elements of escapism, conflict-resolution, and growth. Today’s podcast discusses our panelist’s connections to the story, as well as their opinions of the psychology behind the plot.

On this episode, you’ll hear the opinions of co-stars and Shrink Tank contributors Dr. Craig Pohlman, Juliet Kuehnle, LPC and Elise Howell, LPCA.

Blew My Mind is where Shrink Tank contributors discuss their personal experiences with pop culture. Their last podcast can be found here.

Products mentioned:

Waitress (Starring Keri Russell) 
Purchase the Broadway soundtrack, featuring music by Sara Bareilles, here: Waitress (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

CinemAnalysis: Learning About Psychology Through Film

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